14 dic 2008

Xmas Flower - La stella di Natale

NAME: Xmas Flower - La stella di Natale
Illustration by © Xmas Flower by TouTouke

PS: ho notato che sta benissimo con l'effetto "neve che cade"

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  • Ivana Carina

    I try to use your templates but i have this message:

    "No se ha podido analizar su plantilla, porque no está bien formada. Asegúrese de que todos los elementos XML se han cerrado correctamente.
    Mensaje de error de XML: Content is not allowed in trailing section."


  • ♣gimbola♣

    @Ivana, I checked and I tried this template and the template is working properly in
    It' s working.
    I do not understand... I try to summarize the instructions for installation:

    _Installation instructions_
    1. save the xml file (Template file): right click on "scarica" and save with name.
    2. Upload file.

    1. Log in to your Blogger dashboard and select the blog you wish to work with.
    2. Go to the Layout>Edit HTML page.
    3. Near the top of the page you will see a section to upload a new XML template. Click the "browse" button and locate name-cove.xml on your computer.
    4. Click the "Upload" button.
    5. Once uploaded, your new template is in place!

    During this process, you may be prompted to delete some of your existing widgets. Be sure to back up any important widgets before installing this new template.

  • Ivana Carina


    Thanks for your comments!

    But, when I try to download the template file, is a .txt file, not a xml file.... :(

    And I download file like .txt, and copy in the HTML window (in Blogger pannel - Design). I erased de old template... [sorry! But my english is so bad! :( ]

    But, when a Copy de .txt file and I put preview, I recivied the Error in xml code....

    So... I don't understand... =(

    But! Thank's for your time!!!

    See ya!

  • Ivana Carina

    I DO IT!!!

    I don't know why? But It's working! =)


    The .txt files WORKS!!!


    Bye!! =)

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